2015 Update from the Chairman

Dear Fellow Republican Overseas UK Members and Friends -- 

At the end of January, we completed our 1st year as Republicans Overseas. Our worldwide team has worked tirelessly on behalf of all Overseas Americans. Over the past year, RO Country Leadership Teams have had the opportunity to be part of the Republican National Committee year round meetings and have our voice influence policy on issues that matter to those of us living abroad. 

During our 1st year as Republicans Overseas we have achieved:

  • Republican National Committee unanimously votes to repeal FATCA!
  • Republican National Committee unanimously votes to replace Citizen-Based Taxation with Residence-Based Taxation!
  • Raised $250,000 to fund the filing of the Republicans Overseas Lawsuit to replace FATCA with Residence-Based Taxation!
  • Republican National Committee contributed the 1st contribution of $20,000 to launch our fundraising campaign!
  • National Republican Senatorial Committee declared their support of our efforts to repeal FATCA!
  • Senator Rand Paul brought forth a bill to repeal FATCA!
  • Senator Mike Lee travelled to London, Paris, Luxembourg and Geneva on behalf of our 4-city European fundraising tour!

The Global Team has superbly executed the mission, vision and goals; laying the foundation for us to proudly be able to tout that Republicans Overseas works on behalf of all Overseas Americans!
2015 and Beyond
The Republicans Overseas goal for 2015 and 2016 is very simple:

In the next few months we will:

  • File our lawsuit to repeal FATCA
  • Launch our Global Website giving you access to Republicans in 51 countries
  • Create our own Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Website
  • Offer a Virtual programme of webcasts and conference calls with influential Republicans
  • Encourage ALL Republicans Overseas members to attend the RNC Spring and Summer meetings

ROUK Board Positions
We have a big job ahead of us if we want to take over the White House.  Republicans Overseas UK needs your help in accomplishing this very important objective.
We are expanding the ROUK Board. Please contact William Lowery, Vice Chair or myself if you are interested in becoming part of the leadership team.  Any and all skills and input is most welcome as we build ROUK to be the most successful country chapter.
Thank you for being part of ROUK. 

Jan Halper
Chairman, ROUK

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