Andrew Barrand

I am a supporter of right wing politics - small, govt, low taxation.

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    While the election might be over, Democrats and the media will relentlessly try to attack us, lie about us, and divide us over these next four years.

    We count on the generous contributions of our American and British supporters to help us fight back against these attacks and bring conservatives together around the issues that matter most.

    Please consider donating to Republicans Overseas UK to help us organize events, register voters, reach out to conservatives throughout the UK and defend our conservative community.


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    Become a member of Republicans Overseas UK and connect to a continually growing community of concerned citizens living overseas.  Joining will provide you with the opportunity to directly shape and develop the message of the organization and ensure that you receive invitations to private and public events.

    Simply fill out the form below.  There are no fees and no commitments.


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Andrew Barrand

Andrew Barrand

Conservative Party Campaign Manager