The Change from RAUK to ROUK

We used to be Republicans Abroad UK.  Now, we're Republicans Overseas UK.  It's a distinction with a difference, giving us a greater voice on behalf of US citizens living, working and studying in the United Kingdom.


Republicans Abroad UK was a chapter of Republicans Abroad International, and organization that had 501(c)3 status.  This status meant that Republicans Abroad UK could not engage in overt politicking on behalf of causes; the purpose of the organization was educational, not political.

In September 2013, a group of prominent Republican National Committee (RNC) members (acting in their personal capacity) founded Republicans Overseas.  Republicans Overseas is incorporated in a way that allows it to expressly advocate issues through the political process.  This gives Republicans living outside the United States greater weight in the political process, both at home and abroad.

Republicans Overseas invited Republicans Abroad UK to become an affiliate of its organization in late-2013.  After considering the benefits to its members, the board unanimously voted to become a country chapter of Republicans Overseas.  In short, Republicans Abroad UK became Republicans Overseas UK.

Republicans Abroad was a "home away from home" for many Americans living in the United Kingdom.  We fully intend to keep this heritage and facilitate interesting events and conversations.  Through 2014, we have hosted a number of events with various featured guests (ranging from scholars to Congressional representatives). Our mission has also expanded to advocating politically on behalf of the approximately 175,000 US citizens residing in the British Isles.  These efforts have already produced tangible results, convincing the GOP to pass a resolution supporting the repeal of FATCA --- a law that encourages US citizens to renounce their citizenship --- and persuading key individuals to support a change to residence based taxation.

We invite you to join Republicans Overseas UK and help make your voice heard.

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