Keep the Momentum

Dear Republicans Overseas,

I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of our leadership, to express my deepest appreciation to our members and partners who have supported us during the election cycle and attended our Inauguration Watch Party.

The inauguration of President Donald Trump marked a highpoint in Republican electoral fortunes – we now control the White House, the Senate and the House.

Closer to home, I can report that Republicans Overseas UK has new leadership, a close working relationship with the national Republican Party, and a clear vision on how to grow its membership and make a difference to the lives of so many Americans living and working overseas.

I’d like to share two thoughts on this vision with you now:

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☆ Inauguration Day Watch Party ☆

Inauguration Watch Party 2017

New ROUK Leadership

Dear Republicans Overseas

We have less than three weeks until the election that may define a generation. 

Not only are the House, Senate, and presidency up for grabs — but the Supreme Court is as well. No matter what your feelings are about our presidential candidates, our conservative principles and values need to be represented on Capitol Hill.

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RO Straw Poll Results

Thanks to all those who participated in the first international straw poll!

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Discussing Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump on BBC Radio 4

Spokesperson for ROUK, Kate Andrews, spoke to BBC Radio 4's programme The Long View about Donald Trump's candidacy and how it compared to the political ambitions of Hurst, Ford and Lindburgh in the 1930's.

Listen here.

Discussing the Presidential Primaries on ITV

Spokesperson for Republicans Overseas UK, Kate Andrews, discussed the 'Ban Trump' petition in the UK, as well as the Republican Presidential primaries, on ITV's Good Morning Britain.  Watch below >>


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ROUK's Kate Andrews debates the future of America's gun laws on BBC World Service

Spokesperson for Republicans Overseas UK, Kate Andrews, debated Australian MP Andrew Leigh on the future of America's gun laws and the outcomes of Australia's gun buy-back programme.

Listen here (starts 4:27)

Donald Trump slumped in the Republican presidential debate, and yet he still won

The following article was written by Kate Andrews, ROUK Board Member, for the Telegraph.

Last night's GOP debate saw many challengers to Trump emerge, but people are still excited about him.

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Republicans Overseas UK featured on CNN

CNN filmed and interviewed some RO UK members as they watched the last debate.  Watch what they had to say!

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Republicans Overseas Files Lawsuit on behalf of US Expats

On behalf of 8.7 million overseas Americans, Republicans Overseas Action has filed a complaint and motion for preliminary injunction against the IRS in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio at Dayton. We are seeking to prevent the IRS from taking actions under FATCA/FBAR until a trial can be held by the court.

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