New ROUK Leadership

Dear Republicans Overseas

We have less than three weeks until the election that may define a generation. 

Not only are the House, Senate, and presidency up for grabs — but the Supreme Court is as well. No matter what your feelings are about our presidential candidates, our conservative principles and values need to be represented on Capitol Hill.

To ensure Republicans Overseas have a voice, we’ve built a voter registration site,, that makes registering to vote and requesting a ballot easier than ever. Our intention is to continue our outreach to potential voters until election day. The Federal Write-in Ballot is accepted by fax or electronically in 38 states, and serves as a backup in case a voter does not receive the requested absentee ballot in time.

This brings me to news regarding the leadership of Republicans Overseas UK (ROUK). ROUK Vice Chairman, William Lowery has recently returned to the USA, and was for three years considered the backbone of the organization. Few have contributed more  to our efforts in the UK as well as to the leadership of our 51 country chapters than Mr. Lowery. I have also stepped down to work more closely with the Trump campaign to get out the overseas vote.  Both William and I shall continue to advise the ROUK Board where necessary. 

ROUK remains in the very capable hands of a talented and committed board of directors. Our new chairman, Malise Sundstrom brings unmatched experience, vitality and vision that has been much needed to take ROUK to the next level. Board members Kate Andrews, Alexander Sundstrom, Erika Miller, Elliott Kohan, and Aubrey Schwartz are dedicated to continuing the organization's work to engage voters and support the U.S. political process.

It has been my pleasure to serve ROUK over the past three years. While my term is over, the friendships and connections I have made will be cherished. Thank you to all of our members for having given me this opportunity.

Warm regards, 

Jan Halper-Hayes, Ph.D


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