RO Straw Poll Results

Thanks to all those who participated in the first international straw poll!

The final results were as follows:

Candidate Percentage of Total   
Rand Paul 34.43% 
Marco Rubio 27.58% 
Donald Trump  14.15% 
Ted Cruz  7.30% 
Jeb Bush  6.85% 
John Kasich  3.56% 
Carly Fiorina  2.40% 
Chris Christie  1.69% 
Ben Carson  1.16% 
Mike Huckabee         0.53% 
Rick Santorum  0.18%
Jim Gilmore  0.18% 


The results were announced in London at an event sponsored by The Telegraph Newspaper Group and The London Press Club.  Jim Angle, the former Chief National Correspondent for FOX News, kicked the evening off with a summary of the results and an analysis of the current campaign climate. Angle said, “It is interesting that Republicans Overseas hold Trump and Cruz, the leaders going into Iowa in lower esteem than domestic voters do."

Panelists for the event included: Lord Michael Dobbs (Creator of House of Cards), Tim Stanley (Telegraph Reporter and Blogger), Justin Webb (Radio4 Today show host) and Kate Andrews (RO Spokesperson.). The panel was moderated by Colin Bloom (Director Outreach of UK Conservative Party).  Republicans Overseas UK and the London Press Club live-tweeted the panel's discussion.


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